Patreon page is now officially LIVE!

Hey everyone! I’m incredibly excited to finally reveal my official Patreon page to help fund my artistic endeavors with my ongoing project called “The Aegrus” along with other personal work!

Be my patron!

What is Patreon, you might ask? Patreon is this amazing website that allows you, yes you, to become my patron! There are several financial options that are mostly small monthly amounts anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00+ that come with¬†some pretty sweet perks and access to exclusive content such as in-depth process work, PSD files, livestream links, exclusive Aegrus chapters, and brushes that I’ll ONLY be posting on that site.

Every single dollar that goes into this funding site means the world to me, it shows that someone went out of their way be it friend, family member, art appreciator, or fellow artist, to say “Hey, I like what you’re doing so here’s a small token of my appreciation so you can continue to do it.”¬†

If you can’t financially contribute that’s okay! I would love it if anyone could share this around facebook or other social media sites, your moral support goes a long way.

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