ImagineFX Artist of the Month with Double Page Feature!


Tomb Keeper

I accomplished a big goal of mine today. I walked into a Barnes and Noble bookstore, picked up the latest issue of ImagineFX, and opened it up to see my artwork featured on a double page spread right after the table of contents. Getting into that magazine has always been a huge goal of mine as an artist, let alone any kind of double page feature or “Artist of the Month” thing that’s on there.

It feels surreal and totally awesome. Also it was pretty freaking cool when the cashier saw the magazine and said “Oh I LOVE this magazine, are either of you guys artists?” with a huge smile on my face I got to respond with “Yeah, I’m an illustrator and I’m actually featured right here.” You can pick up the current issue of ImagineFX at local book retailers, the August 2015 one is the issue with my work featured.



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