Revised Gorgan Close-Up


Went back in and got to detail this guy out a lot more how I wanted to. So excited to produce more work for my project that will be launched as a Kickstarter, it’s going to be pretty cool.

Dark Elf


You know you have an undying love for your craft when you see something that inspires you and then stay up all night painting your heart out until you can paint no more.

This is a ‘Dark Elf’ from Thor: The Dark World, a design that I immediately fell in love with after seeing the movie. This is just my tribute to the design and the film, hats off to the guys who actually designed these suckers. 4 hrs, painted in Photoshop.

Self Portrait!


Today is officially Self Portrait Day so I figured I would play around with a new style and do one myself. :) Enjoy!

A discovery on a very dangerous beach.

dangerous beach

Another quick 30 minute speedpaint, the two topics were “discovery” and “dangerous beach” so I thought I would have some fun. Thanks for looking!

“Earth Dragon” 30 minute insane speedpaint!


This guy is a very quick 30 minute speedpaint or “spitpaint” as it’s now being called. It was for a facebook group called Daily Spitpaint and the topic was “Earth Dragon” so I couldn’t resist doing something colossal. I would love to really polish this guy some time and turn him into a full piece.

Gorgan close-up

Close-up of that gnarly gross face. :D Thanks for stopping by!

The Gorgan

Callin’ it on this guy for now. Once I get some more free time I’ll go back in and really detail the crap out of him since he still has a ways to go. I’m happy with where he’s going for now though. He is a part of the predatory ‘Gorgon’ alien race, as they are referred to by humans, based on Greek mythology. Medusa and her sisters all resembled serpents and were referred to as the Gorgon. They are the sentient inhabitants of Jupiter’s moon Europa. He’s been a total blast to work on.

Aquatic Europa Creature WIP

This is current WIP of my Europa Sentient creature. I’m really excited to get in there and add all of the gritty, slimy details! Still brainstorming a really unique name for this species, since they will be an integral part of my current project and story. Thanks for looking!

Aquatic Europa Creature

Line work for a creature/character concept I’m working on for my personal project, which is a sci-fi journey that takes place in the far future when a manned exploration to far planets is possible in search of life. This guy lives on the frigid moon of Europa, dwelling in a series of ice cave systems that connect the planet’s surface to the vast ocean beneath. Predatory and unforgiving, his race is the sentient species that inhabits the inhospitable planet which is the primary location of my story. More on him to come!

I just got married on August 23rd so now I have WAY more free time to work on this project as a whole and refine my story. Very exciting stuff.

Moxie the White Tiger

Decided to take my quick tiger sketch to finish, kept this one loose and had a lot of fun with it. This tiger in particular is Moxie, a white tiger who I got to see at the Colorado Renaissance Festival from about four feet away. I got inspired and did a quick sketch yesterday, and ended up not being able to resist painting her.