Infected by Art Contest Winner!

Hey everyone! Sorry about my recent absence, I’ve been crazy busy doing some exciting work for game studios and working on my IP, “The Aegrus”. I did want to share with you all this exciting news though, I won the public voting on the Infected by Art competition! Gorgan took first place, and two of my other Aegrus paintings will also be featured in the ‘Infected by Art’ book when it is released. I’m so humbled and excited that so many people thought of my work as worthy of their votes! Feel free to head on over to Infected by Art’s website and see what else they have going on, along with this post here announcing the contest winner.

Inspiration: Part 1. Star Wars!

Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be doing this fun little series called “Inspiration” that really dives into some of the things that inspire me to create on a daily basis or have heavily influenced my artwork and creative development.

First up, this week we have the big daddy of all inspiration for me, which is of course Star Wars. A whole lot of people have always came up and asked me “Why do you have a gigantic Darth Maul tattoo on your arm? Of all the things in the world you could get tattooed, why that?! WHY STAR WARS?!” Well, here’s why.

Most  girls grew up watching the Disney princess movies (I watched a fair few myself) but what really filled my head with imagination were the original Star Wars films. They offered an entire UNIVERSE filled with colorful characters, creative creatures, spaceships, planets, environments, and basically a whole other world to lose myself into. The world of Star Wars is what I remember sparking my imagination at a very young age, making me create creatures from my imagination that lived on crazy looking planets with crazy looking native aliens. My mind was bursting with ideas and creations of my own, wanting to create my own universe filled with pure awesomeness.

Now out of the entire Star Wars universe there was one thing that inspired me more than anything and really stood out in my mind, and that was the bad guys. Those evil baddies wielding lightsabers taught me how a villain can come from someone who is just misunderstood and in their mind thinks that they are doing the right thing. I was learning that I really liked villains. It started with Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers that he commanded, and then Episode 1: Phantom Menace premiered on the big screen.

(Yep that’s me!)

I know that the prequels have gained a following of haters who were expecting something else that closer to the originals, but I think I was far too young to even dream of that concept. I got to go see Episode 1 in theaters and I remember spilling popcorn out of my mouth as the metallic doors slowly opened in the film to reveal none other than Darth Maul, the epitome of “cool”. That horned Sith apprentice lowered his hood and I knew instantly that I had found a new fire to light my imagination upon seeing such a bad ass villain. That double-bladed saber ignited with a sizzling hiss and I was entranced, knowing that my life would never be the same.


I came straight home and found a long stick that quickly became my double-bladed lightsaber as I hopped around the neighborhood with the other kids on the block, pretending to flip around and deliver killing blows to the “Jedi” with my deadly weapon. I had a new hero. I admired the character’s persistence, determination, passion, and lack of fear more than anything. He also became something I doodled all over my notebooks when I wasn’t paying attention in school, which turned into refined drawings as I got older that were accompanied by other Sith lords and ladies.

I’m not just talking about being obsessed with the films as I grew up, I dove head-first into the wonderful world that is the extended universe, learning more about unknown characters such as Darth Maul along with the colorful worlds that Lucas created with riveting stories. I collected Star Wars book after Star Wars book. It inspired me not only to draw and paint, but to write.


Just a couple of years ago I travelled to Orlando, Florida to witness the Star Wars: Celebration convention for myself and absolutely loved every minute of it. The fans are truly one of a kind and help bring that childhood magic to life with wonderful cosplays, artwork, books, robots, competitions, and more. I knew my love for Star Wars would never go away, and this convention only confirmed that fact. I met my closest friends through Star Wars-related websites and it continues to be a driving force in my life that creates new connections.


At another convention where I attend and exhibit called Spectrum Fantastic Art Live I got to meet the man who created the magic that inspired me: Iain McCaig. This man created many of the characters for the newer Star Wars films including Darth Maul, along with characters for several other films. He’s a master among artists and the most exhilarating person to hang out with in person. I had him sign my copy of his art book and after telling him my story of inspiration that was all thanks to him, he wrote at the top  of my book “CRYSTAL, MAKE US PROUD!” I intend to do so.

Without having such a strong force (HA, ‘force’, get it?!) to spark that desire to create within me, I’m not quite sure I would be doing artwork full time as an illustrator for a living right now. Without that burning drive to build my own worlds and characters I might not have started working on my own project “The Aegrus” ten years ago either that is now in the works to become a full-blown book series. Many other books, films, and television shows offered up inspiration to help fuel that fire but it all began with that tattooed Sith lord who unlocked my imagination.


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.” – Code of the Sith


Up next week:


“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi….At last we will have revenge.”

I found a new brush pack full of traditional and textured photoshop brushes so I was playing around with them and ended up doing a quick little painting of Darth Maul. Had a lot of fun with this guy and will probably be doing some black and white studies/paintings of him and other Star Wars characters in the next week or so. Stay tuned!


Patreon page is now officially LIVE!

Hey everyone! I’m incredibly excited to finally reveal my official Patreon page to help fund my artistic endeavors with my ongoing project called “The Aegrus” along with other personal work!

Be my patron!

What is Patreon, you might ask? Patreon is this amazing website that allows you, yes you, to become my patron! There are several financial options that are mostly small monthly amounts anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00+ that come with some pretty sweet perks and access to exclusive content such as in-depth process work, PSD files, livestream links, exclusive Aegrus chapters, and brushes that I’ll ONLY be posting on that site.

Every single dollar that goes into this funding site means the world to me, it shows that someone went out of their way be it friend, family member, art appreciator, or fellow artist, to say “Hey, I like what you’re doing so here’s a small token of my appreciation so you can continue to do it.” 

If you can’t financially contribute that’s okay! I would love it if anyone could share this around facebook or other social media sites, your moral support goes a long way.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! The Exhibitor Experience


Spectrum Fantastic Art Live took place about a month ago in May, and was an incredible and validating experience as an artist having my first full-size booth and showing my project “The Aegrus” to the world for the first time. Here’s my experience with that whole shindig, and if you have any questions at all feel free to comment here or email me at!

This year was my first time as an actual exhibitor rather than an attendee, which was a whole new experience. I drove out with some people from a large group that myself and a couple of other people created here in Denver called the “Denver Illustration Salon”. Our group is welcoming and open to all artists so if you’re ever in Denver drop me a line and come hang out with our group!

Our massive group of 15ish people all booked rooms together and drove out in a single 4-car convoy. It was awesome.


(Photo taken by the wonderful Jon Schindehette of our crew just before rolling out.)

 Once we got there we had one evening to relax a bit from the long drive before rising bright and early the next morning for booth set-up. I shared a booth with an artist friend to cut the overall exhibition cost and I would highly recommend it to someone who’s thinking about showing their work at the show. Setting up our booth took longer than expected because myself and my partner in crime Dylan Pierpont each had a large 8′x4′ display for our larger prints. We custom built them to be able to fit into a smaller vehicle (thanks to Jeremy Moore who let us take inspiration from his own custom display) and transporting them wasn’t too bad.

For those who are interested in going and want to know how we made our displays, here’s a small run-down: We purchased an 8′ panel of peg board (the ones with the small holes in them) and had them cut at the store into four 4′x2′ pieces. We used long metal rods used for shelving to act as the legs, with smaller L shaped feet. The four pieces of peg board are put together using zip ties, and we used velcro to attach black felt across the front so it all looked like one cohesive display.


(My husband, AKA booth babe, helping me set up my display)


 After setting up our displays we quickly busted out all of our prints and displayed them along our tables, showing people the quality prints that they might purchase along with a framed picture of print prices and convention specials.


Overall the first day was pretty slow since it was only open to those who purchased the exclusive 3-day passes. So for anyone wanting to exhibit keep in mind that while it’s great to stay positive that you’ll sell a lot of prints, that first day will mostly likely not be very successful. BUT, it gives everyone a chance to scope out the tables and get an idea of what they might want to purchase the next day. That first day was honestly just a great opportunity to be able to meet some of the other exhibiting artists and prepare for the real rush that was coming the next day.


 Day two started a bit later than planned for me because our whole group was out socializing pretty late the night before. After grabbing breakfast as quickly as possible (make sure you bring some easy to eat breakfast food in case you don’t have time to sit down!) I headed down to my side of the booth where my husband had taken command for me. I was informed that I had already sold 2-3 prints so I know next year that on the busiest day of the con: ARRIVE AND SET UP EARLY.

Reviews(Photo taken by the wonderful Melanie Yurka of me taking a look at someone’s portfolio per their request. That was super cool!)

 That day was great, our booth had a steady stream of people coming by and buying prints, chatting with us about artwork, and asking for portfolio reviews which was really unexpected for me. Getting to meet everyone who swung by the booth was incredible, there were so many young people really wanting to get into digital art and so passionate about wanting to break in to the professional world.

I sold about 85% of my print sales on that one full day, which was awesome and crazy. I went to this convention expecting to sell maybe a handful of prints, and walked out at the end with most of the prints gone. It was incredible and validating to hear the public’s reaction to my project that has been brewing for over ten years now. To hear people pick up a print of one of my characters and say “Wow this is wicked awesome, what is this character all about? What’s his/her story?” It felt amazing to begin to tell parts of my very long story and have people’s eyes light up and want to know more.


 Portfolio review sign-ups go live a month or two before the con and you have to be refreshing the page the MOMENT they go live. That’s the only way I got the two reviews that I did. I reviewed with Paizo Publishing art director Andrew and ILM art director Christian Alzmann, both of which were very kind and supportive people. I went in there expecting my work to get torn apart but instead was encouraged to keep doing certain things that I was doing right and also to make certain changes to my work if I wanted to fit into certain industries. The review with Christian was great because it opened my eyes to exactly what kind of portfolio to get together if I ever wanted to venture into the realm of film concept design, which is a dream of mine someday.

If you are going as an attendee or exhibitor do not be afraid of the portfolio reviews. These guys take the entire day to review everyone’s work because they genuinely want to help all of us improve and reach our goals/dreams. Every art director I met was everything but scary, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to any of them and ask them to look at your work.



(Here we have a good chunk of our Denver group along with some other friends all dressed up for the awards ceremony!)

 The awards ceremony is something that both attendees and exhibitors look forward to each year. It’s a chance for everyone to get dressed up and head over to the very elegant Midland Theatre, one of the nicest theaters I’ve ever seen. The awards for the Spectrum book are awarded with heart-wrenching speeches and funny jokes, then at the end the title of Grand Master is bestowed upon one very influential artist who is looked up to by many. Last year when I went it was Brom, and this year I already had an idea of who it might be. When the Star Wars song “Duel of the Fates” started playing through the theater I instantly knew who the Grand Master would be for 2014. It was none other than Iain McCaig, who has inspired an entire generation of artists by creating an abundance of characters in film such as Darth Maul, other Star Wars prequel characters, and many of the film character designs for Harry Potter. Since I basically owe my career to this man, I cheered and clapped so loud that my throat and hands were sore. Well deserved Iain, well deserved.


 Day three was nothing like day two at all. It was much more laid back, and MUCH less traffic at the booth. The nice part about that was that I got to walk the show floor and grab some artwork from other artists. This was also a great chance for several art directors to swing by the booth and talk about possibly doing work for their companies without the crowds buying prints.

The last day was amazing for me because I got to chat with my art idol, Iain McCaig, and have him sign my copy of his book “Shadowline” that I’ve had for a while. That was a huge deal for me, I owe my art career to this man who designed Darth Maul, the Harry Potter film characters, and so much more. When I told him this, he hugged me then flipped my book open again and wrote in huge letters at the top: “MAKE US PROUD!”


So if you want to do a table or booth at this convention, don’t freak out about not having time to check out the other artists. Friday and Sunday the first and last day of the con you will have plenty of lulls in the crowd to go explore the show.

 OVERALL, the whole booth experience was AWESOME. Got to meet so many amazing fellow artists who I’ve never met before and some who I’ve admired for many many years. Among several others Karla Ortiz and Wesley Burt stopped by to check out my booth and chat which was just awesome, they are both just such awesome and crazy skilled people. Plus Karla has to be one of the most fun people I’ve ever hung out with – make sure to say hi to her at these kind of shows if you get the chance!

A lot of people ask about the cost of exhibiting and if it’s financially worth it and all I can say is this: Yes you will lose money. The question is, how much? I think it varies per person, but for me I ended up making back almost double what I spent on the entire trip from print sales and jobs that I got from people who liked my work which was way above my expectations. I came home with some extra prints but not many since I sold most of them. The great part about that is then you can sell them online to anyone who didn’t have a chance to make it down to the con. It was worth the money because of the in-person networking I got to do and the chance to meet so many artists I look up to in a setting where my art was displayed for all to see.

I will most definitely be back next year with a booth, possibly sharing with a friend again or maybe just trying to hold down a booth of my own. Either way, whether you’re a student, a pro, new to the industry, or just an art appreciator, you’ve gotta come down to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live and enjoy the magic of so many amazing artists grouped together in one place.


*I’m currently selling a small handful of left over prints online via PayPal with free shipping, drop me an email if you’re interested!*

Some links to everyone mentioned here, check them all out!

The Denver Illustration Salon:

My Partner in Crime, Dylan Pierpont:

Iain McCaig:

His book, Shadowline:

Karla Ortiz:

Wes Burt:



Time to Actually Start Blogging!

So I realized that I’ve been neglecting this blog, and occasionally just using it to post sketches. From now on I’ll be trying to post at least twice a week about things going on in my life, my opinion on certain prevalent issues, my journey as an artist, the IP I’m working on called “The Aegrus”, featuring other artists on here, my travels, and so much more. I usually keep most of that stuff to facebook but not all of you guys are connected with me there. I’ll be making this blog a space for you all to share in my journey through this whirlwind career and get to really see the artist behind the monsters.


Drink n’ Draw sketching!

Here in Denver I’ve helped create a group called the Denver Illustration Salon that is a great place for Denver artists to get together, share ideas, to go galleries, do some life drawing, and host artist demos and talks. Every Saturday we do a fun drink n’ draw, and here are my dragon sketches from the last few. It’s been fun!


“Behold the terrible power of my great beast, my Blue Eyes White Dragon!” This sketch was a small tribute to my childhood.

10295682_10203109886284607_749131569679818440_n1932389_10202514150791592_308083700_n  10301056_10203025700740021_5609385439359942658_n

Sandor Clegane!


I’ve been spending a lot of time painting scary monsters for “The Aegrus” which is totally my comfort zone, so I decided to challenge myself with the most difficult thing for me: a portrait. It’s fun to change things up once in a while and do something that’s really challenging. Took about 6 hrs in Photoshop.

So here’s a battle-worn Sandor Clegane “The Hound”, my favorite Game of Thrones character.

Throwback Night Hound for Heroes of Newerth


Splash page illustration/wallpaper for S2 Games and Heroes of Newerth! Had fun with a totally new style and will continue to do work for them for a while. Keep your eyes peeled for more work soon!


Work in progress for a new portfolio piece revolving around an old project that I’m revamping. This guy is one of my primary characters named Vulcan the Terrible, an ancient fire-god who is from another dimension, created from volcanic rock and molten lava. I’ve been drawing this guy since I was 14 so I figured he deserved a decent redesign along with the rest of the characters that are soon to come. Keep an eye out!

Also, just got back from the Massive Black Workshop and it was amazing! Got to meet most of the artists I admire and learned so much about not only the industry, but new techniques to apply to my work. Meeting new people was by far the best part though, I’ve made new contacts that I won’t soon forget.