Artwork for Pathfinder Strange Aeons Adventure Path!

I woke up to the most delightful surprise on this cloudy, cold Fall morning! I was not expecting to be the sole artist responsible for the ENTIRE bestiary of this Pathfinder Adventure Path including the opener illustration, but I flipped through every page of the bestiary in the back of the book and realized it’s all work done by me. That’s just too awesome!
It’s always an exciting feeling as an artist to receive a contributor’s copy of a book or game I’ve done artwork for after not being able to show the work for a while. I’m currently working hard on bringing to life a whole new set of monsters for Pathfinder at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for more!


DSC_0161IMG_20160923_130911 DSC_0195 DSC_0165IMG_20160923_132237IMG_20160923_132506

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